Terms & Privacy

As of December 1, 2015

By using our service you are permitting us to store your information in our database. We will store your location information, contact information, transaction information, usage and preference information, device information, call and sms data, log information etc.

Permitted Items
Messengers can only transport items that a normal human can carry weighing no more than 4 kg.
Your messenger will be on bike or on foot, and may refuse to accept some oversized items

You may NOT send for delivery: People or animals of any size ,Illegal items ,Alcohol ,Fragile items ,Very expensive or rare items ,Dangerous items (weapons, explosives, flammable, etc.) ,Stolen goods. Any items for which you do not have permission to send.
If your messenger refuses to accept an item due to size or weight or because it is a RESTRICTED ITEM or because the messenger is asked to purchase an item,a cancellation fee will apply.
Messengers reserve the right to refuse to accept any item in their sole discretion. Messengers will not purchase items for delivery.
Delivery Guarantee Local Cargo will guarantee lost or damaged for items up to Rs 500/­ INR, except for RESTRICTED ITEMS for which no guarantee applies.
Local Cargo will guarantee for ....
EXCEPT FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE DUE TO A MESSENGER’S GROSS NEGLIGENCE OR WILLFUL MISCONDUCT (FOR WHICH THE GUARANTEE SET FORTH ABOVE SHALL APPLY), REQUESTOR [YOU] IS FULLY RESPONSIBLE AND LIABLE FOR THE ITEMS SENT FOR DELIVERY BY MESSENGER HEREUNDER. OUR LIABILITY TO REQUESTOR [YOU] SHALL IN NO EVENT EXCEED US Rs 500/­ INR. Tracking Your Item. Follow your messenger’s progress in the Local Cargo app. Share your messenger’s progress with Share My ETA. ETAs are estimates and may be inaccurate at first, but GPS will show messenger’s location. Tracking may pause if your messenger hops on the subway. Text detailed pick up instructions if getting into the building isn’t easy and straightforward. Call your messenger at any time by tapping the arrow next to his / her info at the bottom of the Local Cargo app Chain of Custody There must be someone at the delivery address to receive your item(s).
One of the following must occur in order to complete delivery:
If you’d like to waive the normal chain of custody process, a text message confirmation is required indicating no recipient is necessary If no one is available at the delivery address and chain of custody is not waived, messenger returns item(s) and bills requester [you] full delivery fare + a cancellation feeCancellation and Fulfillment Policy. If no one is present at your pickup location, a cancellation fee will apply. If no one is present at your delivery location,your messenger will wait 5 minutes before returning your item. Requestor [you] will be responsible for full fare. Any delivery requested without recipient present will require text message confirmation from requestor stating no recipient is necessary. If no one is present at delivery location and requestor is [you are] also unavailable when item is returned, requestor is accountable. Messenger will leave item at original pickup location and requestor [you] will be responsible for full fare.